TalkTLC is a campaign to end loneliness and social isolation across Telford and other UK communities. It is estimated that four in every ten adults living the UK today are chronically lonely, with five million of us admitting to having no real friends or anyone we would trust enough to really open up to.

Loneliness can be an all-consuming feeling, and prolonged loneliness can leave us with mental and physical health illness, which could have a lasting affect on our lives.

It is not just the older generation that experience loneliness; it can affect all of us, at any age or stage in our lives. In fact, chronic loneliness is such an epidemic that the British government has appointment a ‘Minister for Loneliness’ to tackle the problem.

TalkTLC aims to end loneliness in as many communities as possible.

If you are chronically lonely, would like to join a cause that supports people exactly like you, or would simply like someone to talk to, then we are here to help.

The #TalkTLC campaign is supported by the charity, Community Project (reg charity 1162836). The charity tackles issues faced by people in crisis on a local and national scale.