Would you like to have a friendly chat with a Social Volunteer from the TalkTLC campaign?

Our Social Volunteers are amazing people. They dedicate their free time to the TalkTLC campaign to be on the end of a phone to say hello and to chat, whenever you call. And, they wear a wristband to keep themselves identifiable within the busy world we live in.

They are there to chat about your day, talk about your favourite TV programme, let you know what TalkTLC events are coming up in your area, listen to your story and share their stories with you.

Picking up the phone and calling a Social Volunteer is the first step to helping you break the cycle of loneliness, and we will give you as much support as possible.

However, our Social Volunteers are not trained councillors and are unable to give any advice. They are simply there to talk to.

If you feel you need additional support or advice, click here for a list of supportive organisations.

Call our friendship line on 01952 458582
Or get in touch via our Facebook Page